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Ellipse, oval and Regular Polygon - Symmetric - Curves Asymmetric Boot Method, and the axial and eccentric curves are universal and CNC lathes Turning Method

Lathe eccentric circular, elliptical and oval turning of the material to be made, a certain amount is offset from the center of the mirror must be connected. This in turn causes deterioration of the rigidity of the mirror eccentric rotation and counter. For this reason, the value of a certain speed, and it does not allow to work with higher speeds depending on the desired accuracy of the processed material, the surface roughness value of output.

As a result of the interaction of the material and on the material of the present invention pen eccentric circular, elliptical, oval and smooth polygon - symmetric - asymmetric curves drawing and turning can be done. Thus, the above-described disadvantages do not occur. In addition, this invention, which can not be processed by conventional methods Lathe curves are possible. In addition, during the process of turning curves, the values ​​of the Z axis in 3 dimensions can be changed.

In the present invention, in the method, such as conventional lathe shield removal and there is no need to establish a system on the car. In this method, even at the highest speed lathe desired number of oval or polygonal turning profile can be made. In the meantime, machine rigidity and surface roughness value spoil the desired value can be created.

This can be created by the method of turning the mirror on the parts connected at a time and turning of the numerous forms of profile shown in the images below are only six of them:

Oval Lathe
Elliptical Lathe
CNC Oval Lathe
CNC Oval Tornalama Eliptik Turning
CNC Oval Tornalama Eliptik Tornalama
CNC Oval Eliptical Turning


Elliptic Turning
Piston Tornalama
Piston Turning
CNC Lathe
Oval Lathe
CNC Turning

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